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Nomad Capabilities

Modern Digital Nomads need access to a lot of resources and services, from continuously finding the right form of transport, on-ground or in-air, accommodation options and access to local knowledge such as attractions, public services, transportation, phone/data plans and many more.


Nomad.Club is an independent project envisioned, designed and developed by ValenceX in ever-sunny Singapore. We are proud to be located in one of the most amazing global innovation hubs, placed right in the middle of the South East Asian region.

We take advantage of our expertise in developing technologies from the business sector and work to produce digital platforms that allow people to become genuinely excited and passionate about the world around them.

You can learn more about us at

The Sky's the Limit

"The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page" - Saint Augustine of Hippo

Living the life of a Digital Nomad is a unique experience - it teaches us what is essential in life, what matters and what is just wasting your time. Meeting incredible people with remarkably different backgrounds opens up a world of possibilities and broadens our view on human relations, global business opportunities and the society as a whole.

It is also very challenging, and the tools available at the moment are poorly equipped for the needs of a Digital Nomad. That's why we created the Nomad.Club.

Our Values

Nomad.Club is all about the growing community of Digital Nomads traveling the world. People that believe that political boundaries represent nothing and that the only way to truly experience the world is to have a chance to live everywhere, like a local.

Membership Highlights

An exclusive Nomad.Club membership will grant you access to:

  • 1. Online invite-only community of Digital Nomads
  • 2. Tools for Searching and Purchasing Accommodations
  • 3. Personalised Destination Recommendation powered by AI
  • 4. Travel Tools with built-in price comparison
  • 5. Nomad Support for planning, scheduling and immigration
  • 6. Access to comprehensive local Knowledge Bases
  • 7. Online Work and Business Connections

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